Quality Policy

Gruppo Arkitekto Company Incorporated is resolved to establish, document, implement and maintain a Quality Management System and continually improve its effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008

We desire to think and create alternative avant-garde design solutions that will have a direct impact to project methodology. We plan and design structures that are cost-efficient, green, ecologically-balanced and within the paradigm of function, beauty, and strength. Hence, conveying design outputs with parity and value, serving our client's intent, delivered on-schedule and within budget.

We strive for quality and efficiency at all times as we devote to meticulous planning, efficient doing, in-depth checking and proficient acting in all aspects of the company operations.

We strongly believe in continual improvement, for it takes forth advantage and advancement to the company.

This unwavering belief in delivering quality, that very credence makes possible the realization of Gruppo Arkitekto Company Incorporated as a competent organizational workforce and a professional Architectural Design and Build firm.

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Unit   305,205-206   3rd Floor,   LRI Building,
No. 21 Congressional Avenue, Quezon City.
Tel No: +632 - 358 - 1094; +632 - 455 - 3689